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Ihr Lieben, es hat etwas gedauert, aber nun möchten wir Euch auch nicht länger auf die Folter spannen, wer denn nun „Die Bücherkatze“ bei sich begrüßen darf 🙂

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Ihr bekommt jetzt gleich auch noch eine Mail von mir bezüglich Eurer Anschriften 🙂

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Ihr Lieben, es ist so weit, die letzte Blogtour der #7aufeinenStreich für dieses Jahr steht in den Startlöchern.

Dieses Mal ist es wieder was kätzisches und vielleicht für den ein oder anderen Katzen-Fan auch ein schönes Weihnachtsgeschenk:


Ankündigung: #7aufeinenStreich Blogtour zu „Tausend Teufel“ von Frank Goldammer!

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Blogtour „Im dunklen, dunklen Wald“ von Ruth Ware – Tag 3: Interview


Herzlich Willkommen zu Tag 3 unserer #Mädelswaldtour zu „Im dunklen, dunklen Wald“ von Ruth Ware! In den vergangenen 2 Tagen habt Ihr Euch ja schon bei Ronja und Anja mit uns gemeinsam auf den Weg gemacht, mutig, furchtlos und ich hoffe, Ihr seid auch weiterhin unerschrocken genug, uns weiter zu folgen 🙂

Heute möchte ich Euch die Autorin dieses Thrillers durch ein kleines Interview ein wenig näher bringen 🙂  Viel Vergnügen 🙂

Ruth Ware wuchs im südenglischen Lewes auf und lebte nach ihrem Studium an der Manchester University eine Zeit lang in Paris. Sie hat als Kellnerin, Buchhändlerin, Englischlehrerin und Pressereferentin für einen großen Verlag gearbeitet und wohnt jetzt mit ihrer Familie in Nordlondon.

Mehr zur Autorin unter www.ruthware.com.
(Quelle: Verlag)

1. How did you get the idea to turn towards the genre Thriller?

I’d never had any particular intention of writing a thriller, but I was having coffee with a friend one day, who is a huge crime and thriller fan, and she happened to remark that she had never read a thriller set on a hen night. As soon as she said it, I knew this was a book that I wanted to write. I sat on the tube on the way home and the characters were literally walking on stage inside my head. By the time I got home I had the bones of the plot and I knew who did it, and why. After that I just had to write it down!

2. Do you have any role models? In terms of literature?

I don’t know about role models, but I have a huge list of writers I admire and love. Role models implies you consciously try to be like them though, and I don’t do that – because I think the most important thing as a writer is finding your own voice. You’re going to be influenced by other people, for sure. No-one writes in a vacuums. But I think that’s different from consciously emulating someone. I love reading Daphne du Maurier, Patricia Highsmith, Shirley Jackson, Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey – as well as loads of others (too many to list), including lots of more modern thriller writers like Donna Tartt, Erin Kelly, Megan Abbott, Gillian Flynn and Sarah Waters. I definitely don’t try to imitate any of them. But I think each of them has some particular quality that I envy and admire.

3. Do you like reading? If yes, what kind of books do you like to read? Do you have any favorite books/authors?

I love reading – in fact we’ve just had to have two huge new bookcases built because my book collection keeps growing and growing and I can’t bring myself to throw any away. I love all the authors listed in question 2, but I also read a lot of non-crime authors, like Nancy Mitford, Elizabeth von Arnim, Anne Tyler, Margaret Atwood…

4. Is there any book you wish you had written yourself?

Hundreds. Right now, it’s probably Brideshead Revisited because I’ve just been listening to the BBC adaptation of it, and remembering how wonderfully evoked it is.

5. How did you come up with the idea of setting your novel on a hen night/„Jungesellinenabschied“? Was there a real example?

As I mentioned above, the idea for setting a thriller on a hen night was actually suggested by a friend. But I’ve been on enough real hen nights (including my own) to have plenty of material! It’s fair to say that most hen weekends don’t end as badly as the one in my book. In fact most of them are incredibly positive, happy experiences and a really important celebration of something that’s underrated in today’s romance-obsessed culture – the importance of friendship. But it’s also true that there’s a weird kind of double-edged situation with hen parties, and stags too, where the friendship is mixed with something darker. A lot of the rituals, both in the UK and around the world, are designed to humiliate the bride or groom to be. They are made to do embarrassing things, or deliberately made very drunk, or set up as the butt of pranks. Hen night are also becoming a lot more stressful and elaborate than the simple night down the pub that they used to be. It was fun to explore all those tensions in a crime novel!

6. Do you like Social Media and do you use them? Do you like the more direct contact with your readers?

I love social media – I’m on facebook and twitter (www.facebook.com/ruthwarewriter and http://www.twitter.com/ruthwarewriter ) and I really enjoy interacting with readers. I do find it’s a huge time-suck though. It’s easy to get sucked into online debates and chat, and find that you’ve spent the whole day on twitter. I have to be disciplined about getting off the internet and getting some work done. It’s always lovely to hear from someone who enjoyed your work though.

7. Is there any genre you would like to write in? If yes, would you use a pseudonym?

I always put a lot of jokes into my manuscript, most of which my editor makes me take out, so maybe there’s a comic writer inside me trying to get out? I don’t know!


8. If „Im dunklen, dunklen Wald“ was made into a movie, who would you want to star in it?

I’m always asked this question and I find it really hard to answer, because to me my characters are so real to me, I can’t imagine them being played by other people. It’s a bit like being asked who should play your dad. The answer is… well, my did is my dad. Not Harrison Ford or Donald Sutherland! But I think Kate Mara from House of Cards would make a great Nora. She has that combination of strength and vulnerability. And James looks a lot like the actor Dominic Cooper in my head. I’m not sure about the others though – I welcome any suggestions!

9. What was research for „Im dunklen, dunklen Wald“ like? Did anything special happen?

I had to do quite a lot of research about the technical aspects of the plot – stuff to do with memory loss and police procedure. It’s all the sort of thing that takes about two seconds to actually happen in the book, but takes hours of googling and research to find out the answer. I had a couple of very kind police friends who advised on interviewing protocol and crime scene analysis, and luckily I have several medics in the family, so I was able to check the medical questions with them. It was all rather boring desk-based stuff though, I didn’t actually get out and go clay pigeon shooting.

10. What is your typical work day like?

I have school age kids, so my day starts and finishes with the walk to school to collect them, and the walk back to my desk in the attic of our house. It’s good discipline because it makes me get up and get dressed, and do some exercise. Otherwise I strongly suspect that I would still be in my pyjamas at 6pm eating toast with the curtains closed. The walk back from school on my own is always when I start thinking about the day ahead, and it’s amazing how often a plot question has resolved itself by the time I get back to my desk. When I get home I have about 4 or 5 hours of solid writing time before I have to leave and collect the kids again, but of course I also have to fit in everything else into that – all my admin, paperwork, and of course interviews like this! Everything grinds to a halt when the kids get home, and I am busy being a mum, and getting food on the table and running them from a-b. However if I’m really on deadline, I sometimes try to snatch a couple of hours late at night when everyone is in bed. Sometimes those are my best writing hours. Often though, I’m just too shattered!

11. Do you have any plans for the future? Can you reveal something already?

Well, my next book, The Woman in Cabin 10 is out in the US and the UK now, so that’s really fun. And I’m working very hard on number 3 right now. I can’t tell you too much about it, but it’s about four women who went to boarding school together. Almost twenty years later they’re summoned back, to find a body has surfaced…

12. Do you have a question you always wanted to ask your readers?

Yes, who do you think should play my characters in a movie? Beware, I will totally pinch any good answers for future interviews!

Thank you so much for your answers!

Die letzte Frage war ja eine an uns, die Leser 🙂 Und? Hat einer von Euch das Buch schon gelesen und kann der Autorin die Frage beantworten? Dann schreibt mir gern Eure Vorschläge in die Kommentare!

Ich selber grübel schon etwas… wenn ich mir das Alter der Protagonisten angucke, muss ich echt überlegen, so junge Schauspieler…

Alex Petyfer als Tom
Jennifer Lawrence als Clare
Blake Lively als Flo
Sara Nuru als Nina (ja, ist ein Model, aber sie kommt meiner Kopfkino-Nina schon sehr nahe…)
Lauren Conrad als Leonora

Ich gestehe, Melanie und James tauchen vor meinem geistigen Auge irgendwie gar nicht auf 😉 Bisher zumindest! Bin gespannt, ob die Autorin da was zu sagt 😉

Coverbild Im dunklen, dunklen Wald von Ruth Ware, ISBN-978-3-423-26123-4

Erschienen: 23.09.2016
ISBN-13: 978-3-423-26123-4
15,90 Euro (UVP)
384 S.
Ebook: 12,99 Euro (UVP)





Eine bizarre Junggesellinnenparty. Ein Spiel, das aus dem Ruder läuft.
Manche Partys sind gut, manche sind schlecht. Diese hier ist tödlich.
Als Nora, 26, eine Einladung zum Junggesellinnenabschied ihrer ehemals besten Freundin Clare bekommt, ist sie mehr als überrascht. Sie hat Clare seit zehn Jahren nicht gesehen. Seit dem Vorfall damals, den Nora nie ganz überwunden hat… Und jetzt aus heiterem Himmel diese Einladung. Ein idyllisches Wochenende in einem Haus tief in den winterlichen Wäldern Nordenglands ist geplant. Was kann es schon schaden? Nora gibt sich einen Ruck und fährt hin. Doch etwas geht schief. Grauenvoll schief.
(Quelle: Verlag)
Coverbild Im dunklen, dunklen Wald von Ruth Ware, ISBN-978-3-423-26123-4


Bei der #Mädelswaldtour könnt ihr übrigens auch ein Exemplar von Ruth Wares „Im dunklen, dunklen Wald“ gewinnen – und das müsst ihr dafür tun:

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Alles klar? Dann mal viel Glück und ich hoffe, Euch macht die Tour genauso viel Spaß, wie uns! Morgen erwartet Euch eine weitere Etappe der #Mädelstour mit einem Doublefeature  bei der Lesenden Samtpfote gemeinsam mit Ruby´s Cinnamon Dreams.

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Vielen Dank an dtv und Ruth Ware für die Unterstützung 🙂